Discovery project: Avian Flu Project – An overview

December 2, 2006

Avian flu remains a continuous threat to economy and health of the Egyptian people. The following project aims to find the sequence of the latest published strains of the avian flu virus, to perform some comparative analysis of these strains, and to design proper diagnostic tools to detect viral contamination by PCR. You will also design a study to investigate differential human predisposition to bird flu: Are some individuals more vulnerable than others?

  • First, form a four-member scientific team that will work on the problem.
  • Project preparation phase: (Distribute tasks as you like between team members)
    • Find as many sequences as you can that represent avian flu cases in Egypt.
    • Using OMIM (Ask tutor what it is/ or ask Google for a faster answer!), find whether any human gene is related to bird flu. What gene?