Tutorial 1 – First set of training exercises.

1) Exercise for two-students teams: Student 1 will use NCBI Entrez then RefSeq to find the sequence of streptokinase protein. Student 2 will find the same protein in the SwissProt database. Discuss the main differences you noticed between the two databases.

2) Find the sequence of hemagglutinin protein of the most recently sequenced avian flu strain. From the protein sequence, find the sequence of the gene.

3) Using Entrez, find the most recent gene published in an Egyptian institution.

4) Student 1: Using Entrez Structure, find three structures of three different proteins published by Dr. Shehab Ismail after 2005. How many proteins are bacterial? Can you find the values of the resolution in each case? Student 2: Try to perform the same search using EBI SRS structure Are there any differences in the results? Discuss which display of results you prefer.



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